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A great place for you and your family!

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Courageous Kids

Monday, Tuesday


5:00-5:30 pm

NEW Morning Class

Monday and Friday


Ages 3-4

Students love the Courageous Kids class and parents love the benefits! While students have fun learning blocks, punches and kicks they gain strength, focus, self control and focus. We love watching our students as they improve their motor skills, gain strength, flexibility, self defense knowledge and gain life long friends. This is a class your student will not want to miss!









5:30-6:30 pm



(Choose two)

Age Group

Here at Courageous Kicks taekwondo we offer fun filled and purposeful classes! Classes are high energy, focused and filled with fun drills that improve students knowledge and understanding of taekwondo and improve focus, self-control, discipline and integrity while helping them be healthier, gain muscles, flexibility and coordination. Throughout classes students are taught to set goals and work hard while having a blast! 

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We love teens at Courageous Kicks Taekwondo! The benefits of being at Courageous Kicks is unlimited for our teens as they gain coordination, strength, healthy habits and flexibility as well as confidence and leadership skills. There are many ways teens can get involved at Courageous Kicks which gives them a community of others who are focused on the same things. It is amazing to see all the ways our teens have grown into class room examples and instructors. 

Monday and Thursday



Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday, Friday


(Choose Two)

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Monday and Thursday


*Adults are welcome to come to all classes with their child. The class time above is when we have a specific class for just adults. 

Benefits for adults are endless: 

  • Gains in health

  • Strength and cardio workouts

  • Focus and self discipline 

  • Self Defense 

  • Flexibility 

  • Community 

  • Fun 

  • A great place for your family to be! 

Come try a taekwondo class and be

 amazed at the things you can do! 

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Monday and Fridays



The perfect PE class for you! Students gain a knowledge of self defense while building a community of friends as they gain courage, self control, respect and integrity as well as strength, health, balance and coordination. 

We also have a ninja class available to homeschools on Mondays and Fridays 12-12:45pm.

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Ninja Class

Mondays and Fridays




Students learn skills to complete ninja courses and is very similar to parkour. Students love the challenges that help them gain strength and endurance. Classes are $50 a month. 

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Get a great workout while learning how to kick and punch. This is a great class for anyone looking to gain healthy habits in a fun way! 

Mondays/Fridays: 10am-11am

Wednesdays: 6:30-7:15am (This is at a different location 2600 S Park Ave-in the gym)

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