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Why Taekwondo?


Growing up, I participated in various sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more. When my grandpa suggested I start martial arts, I wasn't sure I even knew what it was. Having been born and raised on a court, martial arts was entirely different from anything I had ever done. Twenty years later, I am thankful my grandpa started me on this journey! While all the other sports I engaged in were helpful and enjoyable, taekwondo was more than just a sport. It provided the coordination, strength, and workout similar to other sports. However, it had a greater purpose as well; it gave me confidence in self-defense, but also the belief that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. Taekwondo provided me with leadership opportunities at a young age that changed my life forever. Finally, it gave me friendships that have lasted for fifteen years and have been a crucial part of who I am today.


Here's why Taekwondo is perfect for your kiddos during this transformative time:  Personal Growth: Martial arts provides a unique, individual sport tailored to each child's pace. No benches here! It's all about strength, coordination, and maintaining good health as their bodies change.  


Boosted Confidence: Middle school years can be tough, but martial arts helps instill confidence in every kick and punch, empowering your child to face challenges with a positive mindset.  


Community Support: As school dynamics change, having a community outside of the classroom is crucial. Martial arts offers a new circle of friends, providing comfort and support during social adjustments.


 Leadership Opportunities: Your child can shine as a leader! Martial arts teaches valuable skills and offers the chance to mentor others, enhancing their compassion, communication, and personal development.


 Stress Relief and Fun: Martial arts isn't just about technique – it's a whole lot of fun too! It's the perfect outlet for your child to unwind, relax, and enjoy while managing the stresses of growing up.


 Builds communication between the parent and student: Taekwondo is unique because parents can train beside their student, giving them a hobby to work on together! We say a family that kicks together, sticks together! Ready to empower your child through martial arts? Sign them up for a journey of growth, friendship, and confidence!  Start your journey here:


Why I love New Years!

 It is my favorite week of the year. The Christmas excitement is still in the air but the stress and the countdowns are gone. There are less events to prepare for and for some, a few less things on the to do list. It is a great time for reflection and preparation for the new year. Goals and dreams are important for all ages. It gives direction and helps set a plan. This is a great time to talk to your kids and reflect on yourself about your 2024 goals. However, it is not enough to have goals-you have to have a plan of execution. In my family we often have categories with different goals: 1. A spiritual goal 2. A family goal 3. A health goal 4. Something fun to learn this year After making our goals we would share with the family and my a plan of action. You need the following for your goal to happen: 1. Accountability 2. Self-discipline 3. Small goals to get to your big goals In Taekwondo it isn’t enough to say, “I want a black belt.” We set time goals to get to certain ranks, we set attendance goals, and we have accountability from instructors and peers. When we set short term goals it fixes our eyes on the long terms goals through encouragement and improvement. This can be done for any goal! I have also found that when families share the same goal it brings them together and makes the goal reachable. If your family is looking to gain healthy habits or learn a fun new skill together we would love to help. We are offering a 12 day trial (3 weeks of training) in the month of January for $12. Bring your family and start your journey to your 2024 goals. 12 Days trial:

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