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Summer Trial Six Weeks for $69

Welcome to Courageous Kicks Taekwondo! 

This is a great place for you and your family! 

This page has all the information you need to know to start. 

If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Here at Courageous Kicks we want to partner with families to help students grow in their knowledge of self defense, health, strength and character while building great friendships and having fun! 

Benefits of taekwondo.

What parents are saying about Courageous Kicks:

"I've watched my pre-teen daughter transform from a timid, fearful girl to a confident, fierce young lady who believes she's capable of anything, I will forever be grateful!" 

"When people ask me how my son is so respectful,

I tell them about taekwondo at Courageous Kicks."

"My son received his orange belt today and I see so much growth in him in all aspects of his life." 

"My daughter's self esteem and courage are already rising. She's loving the school and it warms my heart seeing the change happen so quickly."

Knowledge of Self-Defense: Students learn proper technique in blocks, strikes, take-downs, and kicking. They learn the importance of knowing when to use taekwondo and that self-defense starts with awareness. 

Confidence: We love seeing students grow in confidence as they see themselves as strong, skilled, and have a great community. We often talk about the importance of courage and we love seeing students become more out-going on the mat and at school. 

Health and Strength: All of the classes at Courageous Kicks help students gain strength and keep them active. Martial Arts includes a great cardio work out as well as strengthens the entire body. 

Character: As students gain physical skills in taekwondo they also grow in respect, self-control, and integrity. Students are taught the meaning and importance of good character at Courageous Kicks Taekwondo. 

"My child has grown so much and it has helped him matured. I am so thankful for Courageous Kicks."

How do I start? 

Step 1: Fill out the trial page: 

Step 2: Choose the class that works best for your schedule:

Step 3: Come to Courageous Kicks and try out a class! 

Information about Courageous and pricing: 



Happy Kierstead 


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