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About Us

After School Pick Up 

Welcome to our premier Taekwondo school, where excellence meets nurturing care!

At our taekwondo school, we pick up at Park Avenue Christian Academy and South Lake Elementary, we offer top-tier instruction from nationally certified instructors. Our team isn't just skilled; they're decorated competitors on the national stage, having honed their craft through training with Olympians and under the mentorship of the highest-ranking non-Korean practitioners worldwide.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to holistic development. Our instructors aren't just experts in Taekwondo; they're certified academic teachers who understand the importance of fostering growth not only physically but also academically and emotionally. We create an environment where children eagerly anticipate each session, blending disciplined training with engaging activities to make learning both enriching and enjoyable.

Join us on a journey where your child will thrive, gaining confidence, skills, and a love for Taekwondo that extends far beyond the dojo. Welcome to a place where champions are made, both on and off the mat. Welcome to our Taekwondo family.


Our Story


To partner with the families of Titusville to build a future generation of strong leaders with strong character through taekwondo. 


Our after school program will be like none other! A place where kids can challenge themselves, have fun, learn and explore. Where want there imagination to explore as they build new obstacle courses and their character can grow in team activities focused on responsibility, self control, hard work, integrity and more!


Want to make after school and your child's sport just one expense?


After Kicks will observe the following holidays:

Winter Holidays 

Spring Break (Camp Available)

Thanksgiving Break (Camp Available)

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Teacher Work Days (Camp Available) 


Prices for afterschool: 

One time registration fee: $75 per student

Registration fee covers uniform and portfolio/character binder

One student: $89/week ($79/week if you sign up before July 15)

Two students: $142/week ($132/week if you sign up before July 15)

Three students: $195/WEEK ($185/week if you sign up before July 15) 


Additional cost: 

Testing: $30 (every three to four months for promotions) 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

·        This is a five day a week program

·        Student will participate in a taekwondo class five days a week focusing on different aspects of the sport (stretching, basics, forms, self defense, kicking, martial art weapons, sparring, kicks and tricks, board breaking and endurance)

·        Feel free to email for our schedule for afterschool 

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