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At Courageous Kicks Taekwondo our mission is to develop quality martial artist through the teaching of Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan. We want students to achieve the rank of black belt and beyond as they develop themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our goal is to partner with families as we provide community and character growth. We offer taekwondo, tumbling, kickboxing and ninja classes with the goal of building strength and health. Courageous Kicks Taekwondo offers different classes that help our customers improve their physical health through exercise, character growth through mat chats and good role models, and family unity by providing a way for families to become healthier together.

Courageous Kicks is part of the United States Chung Do Kwan Association. All Courageous students are part of this national association which provides credentials for the students as well as many competitive opportunities. The family friendly association is ran by the highest ranked woman in the world, Grandmaster Brenda Sell, and is the oldest taekwondo association in the United States-we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year! This association gives us credentials from Korea the headquarters of taekwondo. During Master Kierstead’s years of training she served as Grandmaster Sell’s personal assistant. ​​

Courageous Kicks is taekwondo Christian taekwondo school which creates a great family atmosphere.  We want to do events that encourage families spending time together and also build relationships on and off that mat. We do parent night outs to give parents an opportunity to spend time together, we do holiday celebrations, and black belt bonding where black belts and their families go to dinner together once a month. We believe lives are changed when families are a strong unit and when people have a strong community.






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